Tuesday, 28 February 2012



I suppose you can say; I don't have much agreement with mediocre ways of fashion: if fashion is what it is popular, or what is popular is fashion. At the same time I am not suggesting that people: chop their grannies curtains to wear, to gurgitate fashion individuality. Stating that:'FASHION IS FLASE', I am simply implying that general essence, and message of fashion is false/ fake. These days and in the 14th century, fashion was a reflection of changes in time, and an elitist status symbol. In the 15th century adorning and hairstyles 'became complex'. I imagine in 2012 the average person who thinks they're trend conscious, want to see themselves as advanced modern human beings. Different and more civilized than their ancestors in the 15th century.

But what is the real difference, fashion is still language of the extremist narcissist, without a doubt to certain degree a massive symbol of elitism, just as it was in the 14th century. So friends my question is: WHAT IS THE FUSS ABOUT? I predict the future generations, who hopefully will be more civilized than us. Those generation will look down on us, 'civilized modern people' in 2012, and think that we were just as ignorant or more ignorant than our ancestors. Not only were we extreme narcissist, but also made up celebrity magazines. Polluted our landscapes with huge billboards, with images of celebrities who in reality were not smart at all, and we also thoughtlessly copied what they wore. Brought our garments from businesses who had no morals to the nth degree. For example luxury brands such as: Mulberry/ Louis Vuitton/ Marc Jacobs who get their products manufactured in eastern countries for a few pennies and sell them for hundreds of pounds.


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