Thursday, 20 October 2011

SAMIA MALIK ihtgw interview by Sade Aknife

Huge thanks to Sade Aknife, for going through this interview and filming this 3 times!

After being partially anonymous for years, in past year a few friends grilling me to break away from anonymous front. And battle of being an anonymous creative female, which in this time and age; unfortunately only has certain amount of life span!

Coming into 10 years since ihtgw started, I thought it would be right bench mark to introduce myself. That started with blog shoot with: The Style Scout, and then you tube interview below with my assistant Sade.

Why we had to film this 3 times:
Day 1: I was on a wrong mode. Day 2: interview was fine (part 1), but 10 minutes was accidently deleted by me. Day 3: success (part 2/3), but I forgot to mention a few important points, so I recorded them on own computer (part 4).

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