Thursday, 9 April 2009

what ihtgw means

I made up ihtgw in 2002 it means I have to get work . Theres was no plan to make ihtgw part of my design work, it was just my personal response to way capitalism has structured everyones lives; to survive you have to have a job that earns you money. And the average persons obsession about having or getting a job; that can be soul destroying and often has no real point to it. By making up ihtgw my question to myself was: how do I achieve infinite freedom in this system.

Thursday, 2 April 2009


Idea behind concept of this collection is about people racing against each other in: work race, different races, religions fighting against each other and human race; people trying to get ahead of each other. Although I'm a determined person and I can work very hard when I want, but idea of racing against people is alien to me, I don't enjoy frivolous competitions against people, and I'm completely content about people trying over take me when I'm walking. This way I usually find myself watching people racing against each other against a race that doesn't have prize that I aspire, thats why I don't bother running the race. 

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