Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Lik + Neon, Bricklane

Lik + Neon refurbished finally, and there's an event on 24th Feb, you can see invite above. I thought I'd take this chance to talk about Lik + Neon, at some other point I'll go into more detail. But for now I'll talk about a few brief points.

In 2002 Lik + Neon opened as a retail space on Sclater Street, just off Bricklane. At this time Brickline was still a dead end, there was some other shops, events and stuff. But it wasn't half of what it is now, and sometimes these days, when I'm in Bricklane. I can't help but think Bricklane is doomed to be the next Camden. Lets hope not, if everyone keeps their socks pulled up.

Janice who started Lik + Neon, has strong focus on showcasing work of originality, and quality. In shop, you also can find: collectables, rare 70's, 80's deadstock, sport and surfwear.

Check out Lik + Neon's event next Wednesday

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