Friday, 12 February 2010

1 of the greatest fashion designers couldn't even live with himself - that says a lot about the fashion industry

Shock news yesterday Alexander McQueen committed suicide. I'm trying to come terms with this, I've mentioned in the past that McQueen's work, was one of the first to inspire me to do fashion, and go to Central St Martins. I was most familiar with his early work, from the mid 90's, at the time not many people knew who he was, only most fashion heads knew about him. Alexander McQueen was regarded as one of best fashion designers in UK, and a well known designer around the world. Although he was going through a down period after his mothers death, earlier this month, that appears to be the main reason of his death. But there's not much mention of McQueen's, general mental state.

I watched a documentary about McQueen, that was made in the late 90's/ 2000. In this documentary McQueen talked about: the way the fashion industry runs: one side being full of high beauty and bitchy. Another contrast side, where people are not visible: struggling making garments for peanuts (slave labour). McQueen spoke about this in a: thoughtful, melancholic and resigned tone. - Fashion industry works this way, but it seemed that some part of him wished it worked in a different way, but what can you do about it.

I saw this documentary again (not youtube above) a few years ago, after I started working on: ' Say No To Fashion' project. In the past few years i've questioned luxury fashion; materialistic attitude it injects into society, and aswell it being a huge support force for celebrity culture. This lead me to pay less attention to McQueen's collections in the past few seasons. But last night there was plenty of coverage on internet and T.V, about McQueen's work. That reminded how excellent McQueen's vision, and craftsmanship was. He was unique and rare talent .

Not much has been spoken about this yet, I wonder will anyone go into detail. About the mess the fashion industry is in, and the way it runs. McQueen hanging himself says a thousand words, about him, and the fashion industry. One of the greatest fashion designer of this time, could not even live with himself! McQueen was owned by the Gucci group, that is far removed from ethical consciousnes. Gucci and LVMH are two of the most corrupt fashion groups.

Sometimes I wondered, how do people in positions such as McQueen's live with themselves. My question was answered in a disturbing way yesterday. McQueen's death is an alarm call to the fashion world. Fashion world needs to wake up! Remember that we are making clothes for people, and not creating a society full of mental complexities.

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