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We still live in a state of colonisation. Taking over people's land in other countries, and slave trade. All this originates from the problem of greed, and selfishness. When man is use to taking whatever they want, when ever they want. It doesn't matter who they have to walk all over, as long as they get what they want. That leaves us in state we are today: mass level of unfairness, and inequality. Only because we have forgotten simple human values, such as sharing and being good to people.

Presentation below location: Oxford Street London, one of the most busiest High Streets in the world, and with consumers from all over the world. Investing in material that was most likely made by a person who is financially less privileged than them. Masks resonate the Islamic veil ban earlier this year in France, all face masks were made from recycled scrap fabrics.


If we all shared and money was divided equally there maybe be no hate

Photography by Andrej Vasilenko

Model: Yazz

Quote below from Lucy Siegle's book: TO DIE, IS FASHION WEARING WEARING OUT THE WORLD, iterates just one example of consequence of our inability to share:

'But ultimately, because you can only traumatise Westerm celebrities, teenagers and first-year fashion students so far, such programmes don't come close to the true horrors of sweated labour. As far as I can see these guinea pigs aren't exposed to conditions that can include being punched in the face for attending meetings, having their documents and permits taken from them, being denied access to a foetid toilet until their bladders are about to burst, being sexually assaulted or forced to have abortions. And they aren't locked into factories at night that are swept by fires from an electronic fault, and burned alive.

In the end, we, with our comfortable Western lives, simply cant experience the pain of sweated labour. We can be tired, yes from from a day spent hunched over a sewing machine, but we can fall back on basic enshrined principles of human rights, the laws of the land and health and safety. These are all luxuries that the average garment worker on the real global assembly line can only dream of.'

I recommend this book to everyone, especially anyone who: enjoys consumption or thinks searching for the latest high street tends is a fun leisure activity, and find out exactly what they are paying for.

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