Saturday, 19 December 2009


I've spent a while in the past year talking to various people about use of cheap labour within the fashion industry. What it boiled down to, what do fashion retailers they themselves have to say. I contacted most high street shop head offices; who refused to discuss ethical policies with me in person.

Only way that I could develop next area of SAY NO TO FASHION project, by interacting and getting direct feedback from retail companies. Seeing that they didn't to discuss, their ethical policies with me. I decided to go to shops and make up stories that I was interested in buying garments. This was only way to start conversation, and record anything that companies had to say about ethical policies.

Below some a few films I've made so far:


when top are sold for £8 and and companies try to say they were made in good good work conditions, this needs to be questioned!

Louis Vuitton, make bags in china, but still write inside bag made in France and sell them for thousands of pounds. I decided to ask the shop manager about details and naturally she lied.

My 1st ever visit to primark on oxford street, it had to be filmed, and ending was a bit funny

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